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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is your catering policy?

We have an open catering policy, so you

can use whichever caterer you would


  • Can I bring my own alcohol?


  • Do we have to use a CVF bartender?

If you are serving alcohol, we require you to

use our in-house bartenders, this is for

liability purposes. Guest lists containing

more than 110 guests will require 2


  • Is there a kitchen?

Yes, we have a prep kitchen and an ice


  • Do I need event insurance?

Yes, we do require a $1M. event insurance

policy with Cedar Valley Forest listed as the

Additional Insured. is an affordable

place to find coverage.

  • Can I book and add-on items later?


  • Additional fees?


If you pay with a debit/credit card there is a 5% processing fee. Payments made via bank transfer/ACH or check have zero processing fees.

  • Are there taxes?


No, additional taxes! What you see is what you pay!

  • When does CVF setup for my wedding?

CVF Staff setups the Barn for your

reception or indoor ceremony, the

morning of your wedding. We have

everything completed by noon. The

cottage is ready at 8am, for you to start

getting ready, if you have added it on.

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